Kitchen Experiments #1

What a day.

After my morning ACT practice test, I felt pretty damn good about getting a 34. My head is usually scrambled after ACT practice (If I’ve typed cookie chrisp instead of cookie crisp into my chat with you, now you know why). So I usually just binge on Robbie Amell movies for the rest of the day (I’m actually running out…he’s not in enough movies!), but this time, I decided to head into my kitchen and have a bit of fun and oh boy, did I have fun.

I headed into my kitchen and starting sifting through my bookmarked recipes for anything to do with cream cheese, since I just got two blocks of them as a buy-one-get-one-free deal and was looking for ways to use them. I feel like I’m constantly unable to create recipes because I don’t have cream cheese at home, and now that I do, I can’t find anything to do with it…but anyways, after a while, I was like, how about waffles? I hadn’t made waffles in forever and to be honest, I really like making them. Besides, I should be putting my waffle maker to good use.


Experiment 1 (ish): Waffled Rice

I stumbled upon my bookmarked recipe for waffled rice, and as an Asian, I always have leftover rice hanging around in my fridge. That’s what the experiment started off with. Waffled rice. To be honest, it was really damn good. I just ate it plain because I like the flavor of rice itself, but it developed this beautifully crispy exterior with a soft rice-y texture inside. That was pretty damn good. Mine weren’t nearly as pretty as the original photos, but oh well.



Experiment (ish) 1, waffled rice: (for the most part) Success!

Experiment 2: Waffled Caramelized Bananas

Next, I was like omg waffled, caramelized bananas! I had a bunch of ripening (aka almost black) bananas that I had to either eat, cook, bake, or freeze. Oh, or waffle, which is what I did. Buttered the waffle iron, got my cinnamon out, and into the waffle iron the banana went.


Yeah, that was a bad idea.

But the result?



Taste-wise, it was seriously sooo good! I don’t know if this is normal, but mashed caramelized banana is hella good. Like, really really good. If you’re willing to make a mess out of your waffle iron, go ahead and do this, but it’s probably best to just stick with caramelizing bananas in a pan from now on (or in a a microwave..keep reading).

Experiment 2, waffled caramelized bananas: Tastes amazing, but don’t do it.

Experiment 3: Waffles with Waffled Caramelized Bananas

Being the idiot that I am, I figured that the reason the bananas stuck to the waffle iron is because I didn’t grease it well enough. That’s when I was struck with another idea. So this is that I had pictured in my head. I would make a waffle batter, and I’d make waffles. No big deal, right? Hardly an experiment, except I wasn’t giving up on my bananas.

In my head, I was thinking about how the bananas from the last experiment tasted like blueberry compote, except for bananas. Usually, making waffles and a topping on the side is so much effort, so I figured I’d pour in the waffle batter and let them cook, before greasing the top half of the waffle iron again, and then placing bananas straight onto the waffle and letting the whole thing waffle together. I could just imagine the caption on foodgawker as people eagerly clicked to find out more. A waffle and banana compote (is banana compote a thing? Idkmade together in just ONE iron!

How did that turn out?

DSC_0941. DSC_0942. DSC_0944.

Ha. Yeah. Let’s just say that bananas and waffle irons just weren’t meant to be. Not to mention that the waffle batter wasn’t sweetened. I didn’t even notice until I ate a bit of one of the waffles and realized that it just mildly tastes like egg.

Experiment 3, waffles with waffled caramelized bananas: Fail.

Experiment 4: Microwaved Caramelized Bananas

Finally, I just sprinkled some cinnamon on my bananas and stuck them in the microwave for 30 seconds.



Experiment 4, microwaved caramelized bananas: Success.

Experiment 5: Microwaved Waffle Batter “Pancake”

I would have ended my experiments right there and then, but I had all this leftover waffle batter. It wasn’t like I could waffle them. There were still half-burnt caramelized pieces of banana stuck to my waffle iron that I honestly couldn’t get off.  I started thinking about my other kitchen gadgets. No, I wouldn’t pour an egg-coconut flour mixture into my toaster, or my ice cream machine…although, I wonder what else I could use my ice cream machine for. Then again, that’s an experiment for another day.  In my state of distress, I turned to the microwave for assistance.

Waffles are kinda (not really) similar to pancakes, so I poured some mixture onto a plate and microwaved it for a minute.




It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, to be honest. It kinda worked? I mean, the flavor of the batter itself wasn’t great, so this wasn’t great either, but nevertheless, it worked.

Experiment 5, microwaved waffle batter “pancake”: Meh.

Experiment 6: Microwaved Waffle Batter Black Sesame “Crepe”

So that was just a little bit of batter that I managed to use up. I still had quite a bit left. I needed to sweeten the batter, so I added some of this black sesame powder thing that has sugar added. Also, the previous experiment turned out kinda crepe-like, so I added the sweetened black sesame powder to the mixture and added some milk and into the microwave it went.

It turned out pretty similar to experiment 5. It wasn’t sweet enough, either, so



Experiment 6, microwaved waffle batter black sesame “crepe”: Meh.

Experiment 7: Microwaved Waffle Batter Black Sesame Cake

I hope you’re still here, because things are about to get real interesting.

I decided to turn it into a cake. Yes, I would try to turn this egg-coconut flour-black sesame mixture into a cake. I grabbed my baking powder and absentmindedly added in something like a tablespoon, along with a pinch of stevia.

Watch this.




Holy moly that texture!! IT WAS A REALLY DECENT CAKE! As soon as I opened the microwave, I flipped. I feared that, like a soufflé, it would deflate, so I grabbed my camera (still attached to its tripod) and took those few photos, but it didn’t even deflate. I was absolutely in awe.


The texture was seriously amazing. It was super fluffy. I actually couldn’t stop eating it despite having a belly full of crispy rice and caramelized banana already. The flavor wasn’t quite there, but the texture was really really good.

I made two of them because I just had that much batter left. I gave a bit to my mom and she liked it. I mean, she actually thought it was really good and went back for more. I feel like I’ve actually done something right in life. I’ll definitely be adapting that last cake in future experiments…



Experiment 7, microwaved waffle batter black sesame cake: SUCCESS!!!