Baking Bucket List

10 Things in 10 Years

I’m 15 16 years old, and before I’m 25, I want to successfully make all of these. They’re all things that I’ve been dying to make, but I never have. I figured I’d actually start to make them if I listed them out. I’ll post the recipes as I make them. Let me know if you share any of the same baking-bucket-list items!

  1. Macarons (Jan 1, 2016)
  2. Homemade pasta (March 31, 2015, recipe being adapted)
  3. Strawberry Daifuku Mochi (March 30, 2015, recipe being adapted)
  4. Doughnuts, the fried kind
  5. Ice cream, the churned kind (August 13, 2015) (also x x)
  6. Pavlova (May 3, 2015)
  7. Icebox cake
  8. Cream puffs/éclairs (August 6, 2015) (also x)
  9. Japanese cheesecake (July 20, 2015, recipe being adapted)
  10. Crêpe cake

(11. Eat breakfast all day)


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